TVX T55 Professional Grade Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

This professional grade walk-behind scrubber is packed with features to help get the job done.

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TVX T55 Professional Grade Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

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TVX T55 – Main features:

  • Soft-start and automatic emergency stop designed to protect the safety of operators.
  • Sturdy body structure,ergonomic design to prevent fatigue.
  • Highly sensitive electromagnetic valve to control the water flow,servo control stystem for easier operation.
  • Lifting brush plate structure,more stable and easier to maintain.
  • Large capacity solution tank and recovery tank design,easy to clean and reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • Replacement rubber blades without any tools,reversible rubber blades extend the wear life.
  • New digital control system,clear and simple to operate.Effectively extend battery usage time and the service life of the motor.
Specification T55/50BT
Working width(mm) 510
Squeegee width(mm) 780
Forward speed(Km/h) 0~4.5
Capacities(m2/h) 2250
Brush pressure(kg) 35
Brush rpm(rpm) 180
Brush motor(V/W) 24/550
Drive motor(V/W) 24/120
Suction motor(V/W) 24/390
Solution tank(L) 55
Recovery tank(L) 65
Dimensions(mm) 1300×550×1030
Batteries(V) 12V×2
Batteries weight(kg) 35×2
Net weight(kg) 115


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