Chemspec Formula 429 Plus – Liquid For Spraying Fogger Machine – 5 Litres

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Ideal disinfection formula for use with our range of electric fogger sprayinh machines.



Chemspec Formula 429 Plus Fogger Chemical – 5 Litres

This 5 litre bottle makes up to 45 litres of cleaning fluid when diluted with the suggested 1:9 water ratio! Safe to use with our fogger sprayer machines.

The ideal, fragranced, concentrated antimicrobial liquid to help with protection from potential risks. A concentrated water based antimicrobial with multi-surface broad spectrum kill and residual control. Suitable for black water, sewage and trauma scene contamination.
Can be used on carpets, fabrics and hard surfaces.

Effective for political micro control of COVID-19, A/H1N1 swine, Mycobaclerium, Tuberculosis, MRSA, Medical Waste Treatment, Feline Calicivirus (Human Norovirus surrogate), Feline Coronavirus (SARA surrogate), enveloped and non-enveloped virus, HIV and C.difficile.

  • 4 – Biocides
  • 2 – Instant Kill and Residual Efficacy
  • 9 – Nanoscopic Level Activity

STRONG – Independently tested against the Covid-19 and A/H1N1 swine flu virus, amongst many others (see above).
SAFE – Safe for humans, works on a nanoscopic scale similar to the virus. Too small to harm people.
ONE PRODUCT FOR ALL USES – Surfaces / Hands / Rooms / Spray / Fog / Wipe / Foam / Mop.
ECONOMICAL – One product in a 5L container. Use as you need. No expensive packaging.
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – Has no significant impact on the environment.
SURFACES – Formula 429 has 4 biocides and a polymer backbone which offers ongoing residual efficacy.
WET or DRY – The unique hydrophobic properties allows Formula 429 to work on wet or dry surfaces.
AIR – Can be fogged (Mini-Fogger or Blastmaster Wet Fogger) offering complete fabric of the room decontamination if required.

Directions for Use Spraying:

  1. Use diluted 1:9 with water (e.g. 200ml to 1.8 litres of water) using a pump up sprayer or Foamer.
  2. Spray all contaminated surfaces prior to handling.
  3. Remove source contamination.
  4. Clean all affected areas.
  5. Spray all affected areas for broad spectrum kill and residual control.

Directions for Use Foaming:

  1. Use diluted 1:4 with water (e.g. 500ml to 2 litres of water).
  2. Follow spraying instructions 2, 3 & 4.
  3. Apply foam evenly onto all contaminated areas to deliver extended dwell times and deeper surface penetration.

Directions For use ULV Fogging:

  1. Use diluted 1:9 with water (e.g. 200ml to 1.8 litres of water). Can be used with the Mini-Fogger or Blastmaster Wet Fogger.
  2. No rinsing required.

Please note that, unlike Formula 429, the concentrated Plus product is not classed as food safe.

  • ph Value: Neutral
  • Coverage: Variable
  • Dilution: See above
  • Appearance: Clear Liquid
  • Fragrance: Forest Fresh


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