Victor Contractor 400 Std Speed Floor Scrubber Polisher

£499.00 Ex. VAT

A high performing, hardwearing, multi-purpose floor scrubber.


Victor Contractor 400 Std Speed Floor Scrubber Polisher

The Contractor Range of rotary machines offers unrivalled value and performance across a range of hardfloor cleaning tasks including scrubbing, buffing, spray cleaning and bonnet mopping.

At 230 rpm the Contractor Range provide the flexibility to effectively carry out most hard floor cleaning tasks. Fit the optional tank for scrubbing or bonnet mopping or change to pads to carry out stripping, scrubbing, mark removal and spray cleaning.

As with all Victor machines the Contractor Range are delivered fully assembled and ready for use. A drive board is included so you can just attach the appropriate pad and start cleaning.

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Weight 40 kg


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