Disinfectant Solution Generating Machine (Sodium Hypochlorite) – 2.5 Litres

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The formula produced from this generator is ideal for usage with any of our electric fogger spraying machines!


Disinfectant Solution Generating Machine (Sodium Hypochlorite) – 2.5 Litres

The solution created by this machine is perfect for use with any of our fogging machines!

This amazing generator is as simple as putting on a kettle and allows you to produce a never ending supply of safe-for-home cleaning solution – ideal for using with either of our electric fogger spraying machines.

Hypochlorous acid is officially approved as a safe to use solution. It’s non-toxic, harmless,  odourless and residue-free. The solution the machine produces can be used directly to wash vegetables, fruits and tableware.

This machine uses electricity to convert ordinary tap water and a few spoonfuls of salt, into an organic multi-purpose cleaner, deodoriser, disinfectant & sanitiser. Freshly made, high oxidation value produces fantastic and safe-for-home and work-place sterilisation.

By generating your own solution, it means there’s no longer any need to buy potentially harmful disinfectant in the future, saving you a lot of money in the future!

The cleaning solution produced by the machine can widely applied across all aspects of home life to meet the every day demand for cleanliness. It’s completely safe around kids and pets and is the perfect option to sterilise toys, food bowls, tableware, clothing, furniture and more.






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