Electric Fogger Sprayer Machine ULV For Disinfection and Sterilisation – Backpack Style – UK (10 Litre)

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KIC Machines very own Fogger Spraying Machine is currently being used to combat epidemic and virus outbreaks all across the UK.


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KIC Machines Electric Fogger Sprayer Machine ULV – Backpack Style

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In this current climate, hygiene is of the upmost importance, and this industrial machine is the ideal choice for making sanitising large areas a quick and simple task, allowing your clients peace of mind.

Our Fogger Misting Sanitiser machine is a reliable as well as cost effective way to quickly and thoroughly sanitise rooms and spaces: just add appropriate antiviral disinfectant solution + water and you’re set to go!

Superb construction ensures a long product life span and also comes with full after sales support from KIC Machines.

The wide array of sanitary applications makes the Electric Fogger Sprayer an essential tool for the modern environment.


  • Disinfection, sterilisation, pest-control, air purification, anti-virus and disease prevention, epidemic prevention for hospitals, schools, hotels, households, warehouses, factories, airports, offices and much more.
  • Spraying disinfection for animal and livestock industries e.g. poultry farms, veterinary hospitals, pet hospitals, animal health centres etc.

See the Machine in Action:


  • Brand: KIC Machines
  • Power: 220 V
  • Particle size: 5-50μm(adjustable)
  • Power: 1400 W
  • Effective range:4-10m
  • Tank Capacity:10L
  • Hose: 80cm
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Weight: 5Kg
  • Size: 470×240×510mm

Recommended Chemicals:

One of our goals at KIC is to encourage safe usage when cleaning using chemicals, and the Fogging Chemicals section of our online store offers many different options which meet this criteria.

However, for the best value option long term; we recommend checking out our Sodium Hypochlorite Generator. Using this generator is as simple as making a cup of tea and allows the user to produce an endless supply of solution (proven to be effective against 99.999% of harmful germs, viruses etc.) on-demand.

Ultra Low Volume Droplets:

ULV fogging equipment is used predominately for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides and pesticides.

ULV fogging machines generate a fog or mist formed of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets between 5-50 microns (μm) in diameter. Studies have shown that droplets of this size are ideal to tackle pathogens, vector carriers and pests.

In addition; formulations can be applied in concentrations of 10-90% and at flow rates of up to 0.5 litres per minute (30 litres per hour) making them more efficient in the Volume Median Diameter (VMD) spectrum.

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